IBK MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS GMBH was founded in 2001 as a spin-off of Institut für Betriebsanalyse und Kommunikationsforschung and IBK – System- und Softwarehaus GmbH with the goal of translating the results of consulting and research projects of those two elder companies into commercial products, with a special emphasis on the GOA-WorkBench®, a platform for all kind of assessment and inquiry based management techniques. The different management approaches are delivered as knowledge bases that contain catalogues of questions for company specific adaptations, as well as the algorithms to analyse and report the returned answers. Most of the supported management techniques are focused around the concept of Business Excellence, amongst them a licensed software support for the EFQM Model.

IBK will act as the main expert for mapping the available management and process trainings against the European Excellence Model to ensure no relevant organisational, personal or social dimension will be missed in the training offers.

IBK will also act as the implementer of the developed simplified self-assessment as a web-based application. As the only formally certified EFQM Partner Organisation in the consortium, it will also be our task, that the simplified self-assessment questionnaire fulfils its role as an improvement area identification tool, whilst becoming simplified enough to be answered without an introductionairy EFQM training still stays consistent with the model and without infringing on EFQM protected IPR. To implement this self-assessment application, IBK will use its GOA-WorkBench(R) Library to generate a commercially stable application at minimal Investment of resources.

As a long time expert for TQM and based on the experience of participating in over 30 EU projects, IBK will support the project coordinator in the quality management of the project.