The Irish Work Study Institute trading as The Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) is the representative body for Industrial Engineering (IE) professionals in Ireland. The institute was established in 1955 and is a not for profit, private organization. The Institute is a National organisation with four regional branches operating in the East, South East, South West and North West. The IIE has affiliations and co-operation agreements with organisations in other countries and became a chapter of the American Institute while remaining an independent national body. The IIE is a founding member of the World Confederation of Productivity Sciences and is recognized as leading authority in the field of productivity by both the Unions and Business Organisations in Ireland. The Institute is active in the field of further education and has developed educational programmes for both its corporate and individual members. The Institute aims to support its members at every stage of their career, whether commencing as a student, apprentice, a qualified graduate or as an experienced engineer.

The Institute has created a working alliance between stakeholders in both the business and academic communities, that help us ensure IE professionals have the skills and knowledge sets relevant to current business and social needs. The Institute has many years’ experience in the development and delivery of IE educational programmes and has worked with private and public stakeholders to delivery relevant educational programmes. The Institute has delivered its educational programmes using traditional classroom methodology, blended learning programmes and innovative Work Based Learning approaches. Quality Qualification Ireland (QQI), the European Qualification Framework (EQF) are the quality standards used to development and delivery of all our educational programmes.

The Institute was the lead partner for a Leonardo di Vinci Transfer (2013 –IE1-LEO05-06097) of Innovation project “Work Based Learning in Industrial Engineering (WBL-IE) which established the foundations for certifying knowledge, skills and competencies through learning and doing in the workplace.

The Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) will mobilise its links between business and educational communities to benchmark the course curriculums and ensure they are relevant to the current business and social requirements. The Institute will also ensure that skills, knowledge and competencies needed to effectively implement major EU policy instruments relating to the Green Economy such as The Green Deal are represented on the developed curriculum. The institute will together with its partners ensure that the appropriate quality standards

for development, delivery and certification of the education programmes are implemented. The Institute will also play an active role in the piloting and evaluation of the developed Curriculum.