WLF project presentation at the 20th EAWOP Congress

The Congress theme is “Interventions at Work – Integrating Science and Practice”. WLF will be part of a Symposium that focuses on Human Resources Management (HRM) practices aligned with values related to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). This Symposium integrates five papers. Partners of the WLF project will present the first one, titled “Decent Work-Life Flow and its assessment”, meeting the 8th UNSDG, and draws from how sustainable Work-Life Flow is fundamental within the concept of Decent Work. This Symposium’s second paper/presentation describes organizational interventions following the Common Good Matrix of the Economy for the Common Good Movement.

A third paper based on documentary analysis of 40 reports of organizations adhering to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) identifies types of actions related to HR practices through the lens of decent work. The fourth one focused on the interaction between Psychological Capital and Decent Work in academic personnel identifying profiles through cluster analysis.

A fifth one frames HRM and employment relationships in the wider society and proposes several statements and guidelines for research and practice based on literature reviews to decrease the low quality of employment relationships, making it possible to design interventions on that topic. Finally, a general framework of understanding will be presented, gathering the contributions of the individual papers. See more information about the 20th EAWOP Congress in www.eawop2022.org.